Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)s are a exciting development with very large potential to have a significant beneficial impact on every aspect of our lives while generating huge opportunities for European industry. What is needed to kick off the development and exploitation of WSNs is an architecture for medium and large scale wireless sensor networks integrating comprehensive security capabilities right from the concept stage. This would support the rapid development of sensor networks and would open up the application domain for commercial activities. UbiSec&Sens intends to solve this by providing a comprehensive architecture for medium and large scale wireless sensor networks with the full level of security that will make them trusted and secure for all applications. In addition UbiSec&Sens will provide a complete tool box of security aware components which, together with the UbiSec&Sens radically new design cycle for secure sensor networks, will enable the rapid development of trusted sensor network applications.
The UbiSec&Sens approach is to use three representative WSN scenarios to iteratively determine solutions for the key WSN issues of scalability, security, reliability, self-healing and robustness. This will also give a clearer understanding of the real-world WSN requirements and limitations as well as identifying how to achieve a successful rollout of WSNs.
UbiSec&Sens will provide a comprehensive architecture for medium and large scale wireless sensor networks with the full level of security that will make them trusted and secure for all applications. The overall project goals are to:

♦   Focus the work on the intersection of security, routing and in-network processing to design and develop efficient and effective security solutions and to offer effective means for persistent and encrypted data storage for distributed (and tiny) data base approaches
♦   Provide a complete toolbox of security aware components for sensor network application development. We aim at extremely energy-efficient and condensed data transmission as well as highly robust and reliable solutions for concrete WSNs that, at the same time, still provide an appropriate level of security
♦   Prototype and validate the UbiSec&Sens solutions in the representative wireless sensor application scenarios of agriculture, road services and homeland security

The figure below illustrates the projectís centre of gravity and zooms into it by classifying the projectís key objectives.
The UbiSec&Sens centre of gravity and key objectives.

The technical areas of interest to UbiSec&Sens are identified and elaborated here.
For more information, please look at the project's work package decriptions of "Architecture" WP0, "Networking" WP1, "Network Security" WP2, "Middleware and Middleware Security" WP3, "Integration" WP4 and "Management" WP5.
The results of UbiSec&Sens are a necessary step to progress the field of security and communication research in Europe and, as well as advancing the competitiveness of the European industry, they assist the European Commission to develop more comprehensive programs for innovative socially and economically beneficial sens

UbiSec&Sens is a Specific Target Research Project (STReP) in the thematic priority 'Towards a global dependability and security framework' of the EU Framework Programme 6 for Research and Development. 8 partners from industry and academia are involved in the project. The project started in January 2006 and has a duration of 3 years. For information on IST activities on Security and Dependability please visit the Information Society Technologies Webpage on ICT for Trust and Security.
Final audit with a live outdoor demo for roadside WSN to vehicular communication: 17/18 December at NEC, Heidelberg, Germany.
Selected software modules of the UbiSec&Sens security and reliability toolbox are available for download.
UbiSec&Sens security and reliability toolbox has been presented at the ZigBee Alliance member meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada, October 6-9, 2008 (Slides).
The Agriculture WSN prototype has been reported in the German Viniculture Magazine "Der Deutsche Weinbau".

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